Interior of a small apartment of 40 sq. m in Scandinavian style

Design of a studio the city of Irpen

The result of our work was a spacious, functional and cozy interior design. In the process of designing advantages of a premise were carefully analysed and taken into consideration. When restructuring the bathroom was enlarged using the space of a corridor.

One is located on the input side for clothing, and the second inside the bedroom. Usually in small apartments we move the kitchen, forming a living room – studio and hotel closed bedroom. But the presence of gas and the boiler in the kitchen, we have limited the possibility to transfer. Thus, the kitchen remains in place, and we have proposed to use the living room as a bedroom complete with a working space and a large bed instead of a sofa as we usually do. The question was, where in a small apartment to welcome guests? The kitchen in the dining area formed a small but soft and cozy sofa, decorated on the sides of bookcases and drawers for storage.


Scandinavian style in the interior – bright, spacious, perhaps combined with both classical and modern, and there are parts of the interior. A bright, white walls can fill nearly any room furniture.






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